About the Ombudsman of the University of Warsaw

The office of the Ombudsman at the University of Warsaw is currently held by Anna Cybulko, M.A.

Anna Cybulko is a graduate of the  Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw; and a doctoral fellow at the School of Social Sciences at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Science. Since 2006 she has been involved with The Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution at the Faculty of Law and Administration.

She specializes in conflict resolution, interpersonal communication and small group dynamics.

Since her appointment as the Ombudsman of the University of Warsaw in 2011, she has been assisting the academic community in handling organizational and interpersonal disputes and in finding resolution to difficult and non-obvious matters.


Competences and specialization 

Anna Cybulko is a mediator, moderator, academic teacher and social skills coach.

  • She conducts mediations at the Centre for Dispute and Conflict Resolution of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and at the Markert Mediation center, where she is entered on the list of court mediators. Her specialty comprises civil, family, economic, labor and academic cases. She also conducts mediations in social and organizational disputes.
  • She moderates discussions and debates, including those involving communicatively difficult situations. She cooperates with local governments, including that of the City ofWarsaw, in designing, organizing and conducting social consultations.
  • She gives lectures to students of the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw.
  • She conducts training sessions on conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, mediation and negotiation, as well as strategic workshops.
  • She has authored several publications on effective communication and methods of problem resolution. She also translates academic textbooks and articles on mediation, management and communication.