What kind of assistance can be obtained from the Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman of the University of Warsaw guarantees confidential assistance in cases related to the functioning of the academic environment at the UW. The assistance is provided by means of informal measures and activities.

To provide assistance the Ombudsman can do the following:

  • Hear the case and help to determine the course of action as well as find possible solutions to the problem;
  • Assist in conflict resolution, i.e. help to diagnose  the problem and chose a solution;
  • Recommend mediation and facilitate its initiation;
  • Provide suitable information on the principles and legal regulations applicable at the University of Warsaw;
  • Assist in obtaining information and clarifying the case at the proper organizational unit;
  • Deliver the information reported to the university authorities;
  • Recommend a change in the area of policies, regulations or procedures.

If the reported problem lies outside the Ombudsman's competences, she/he directs the interested person to an institution competent for dealing with such cases.